Why Piral Italian Terracotta Is Called the Green Cookware

Piral is one of the earliest Italian manufacturers of Terracotta or baked earth. It carries a living statement of a great Italian clay pot artistry known to be 140 years old. Looking at this history, you will realize that the Terracotta we see today is a specialty of nature, country cooking and traditional taste.

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Terracotta is a type of earthenware made of Italian clay and water and is gently molded by hands and machines. These clay pots are generally hand-dipped in very bright glass-like finish to give a range of radiant colors for strength and functionality. The naturally non-stick crystalline finish seals the pores of the clay making it non-porous. This light glaze on the bottom or underside of the pot offers additional benefit to traditional clay cooking as food particles, flavors and odors are not absorbed into the pot. It lessens the possibility of bacteria and mold build up from food sticking which offers much more ease in cleaning.

Most cooks today find terracotta clay stew pots as lovely and functional in many ways making the transition from stove to table an easy one-step practice. What is wonderful about serving food in Terracotta Clay is the benefit of keeping the food warm while on the dinner table. If the food stays covered, the more it remains hot for a longer time; and even when set aside with the lid on, meals cooked in clay pot retains their heat and moisture without becoming soggy.

Terracotta cookware is constructed in all-natural clay which never gets hot in any one spot. Whether boiling, stewing or simmering, Terracotta Stew Pot heats quickly over low-heat and retains heat for perfect stocks, soups and stews; and since you rarely have to lift the lid to stir, even the toughest choice of meats and chunks of vegetables take all the time to simmer in their own juices until tender, retaining all the nutrients in the food. The unique tapered shape of Terracotta Stew Pots contribute to even heating, and the smooth enameled cooking surface assures that nothing will stick to the bottom or sides.

Piral Terracotta Collection is a harmonious combination of ancient methods with the benefit of today’s technology. They are made of natural earthy materials with no metals added which can pose risk of contamination into the food being cooked; it offers a healthy cooking possibility as less oil and less energy is required for cooking; and it is absolutely the perfect pot for cooking nutrition-packed meals. These are the reasons why Terracotta Clay Cookware is known the “green” cookware for all times.