Why Bar Stools Are No Longer Exclusive to Bars

The bar stool is a token feature of any bar from the busiest to the quietest, from the traditional to the trendy. The option for someone to sit at a bar and have a quick drink or a chat with a friend as they watch the sport on a TV screen is why the bar stool is an accepted practical colleague to those environments. Yet, the bar stool doesn’t have to be exclusive to just the bar. It can be reimagined and used as a functioning part of furniture at home or at work.

Breakfast Bar Stool

The obvious use of a breakfast bar stools at home is at a breakfast bar or a kitchen island. Functioning in the same manner as they were first designed for a western saloon, they allow for a place to sit for a family or an individual to grab some food or read the newspaper. They take up little room, which makes them very popular for small studio apartments, and can be tucked away under an island unit to disappear completely allowing for more space.

General Kitchen Stool

If you don’t have a breakfast bar, you can still use a bar stool as a helpful accessory around the kitchen. Use a sturdy kitchen bar stool with additional steps can help you to reach items you have placed in unnecessarily high cupboards. A short kitchen stool can even act as a leg-up for a small child to reach the counter as they help you bake and learn to cook for themselves.

Games Room

A stool is a great option to any game room because of its comfortable nature and effortlessness to move. Use a bar stool as a seat for playing computer games alone or with a friend. They allow for full movement of the top half of your body whilst remaining sturdy and grounded, so you can really get involved with the game without risk of pulling a muscle. As well as that, a bar stool can be used for additional seating for poker nights, or dungeons and dragons gatherings. At the end of the night they can be put away to restore space and general use to the room.


In any job where you are sitting for a long time whether it is in an office or a reception desk or as a tennis umpire, a bar stool can give extra height where a chair would be limited allowing for better comfort. Along with that, more and more decent companies who care for their employees are installing various stool styles to help with employee working conditions. Stools are being used for improved posture and lead to the ability to sit for longer, improved concentration and moral.


A stool can be used as a seat for any vanity mirror. Many small, fashionable stools match any bedroom design, and can be adapted to hold extra storage in the seat. Male or female, young or old, a stool can make getting ready for work, school or a night out fun as you fix and apply make-up. Perfect as well for the teenager to sit for hours cutting out images of Justin Bieber from magazines to stick to their bedroom wall.

Additional Seating

The practicality and functionality of a bar stool means they make a great choice for additional seating options if needed. Their light sturdy uniform design means they can be stored away for months in an attic or spare room until the time they are needed for when the extended family come over for holiday celebrations, or for a Super Bowl party, ensuring no guest has to sit on the floor or lean up in the doorway.

Craft or Hobby Room

If you have a place in your home which is dedicated to a hobby or maybe you have a studio or a workshop in the garage, a bar stool offers a utilitarian option. If you have a workshop or a room with a model train set, you can use a height adjustable stool to access areas without over-stretching and risking safety when operating a bandsaw or getting a picturesque view of your favourite locomotive coming through the tunnel you just installed.