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Wheat Parotta, Soft Layered Wheat Parotta Recipe, recent awareness of health conscious, whole meal foods health advantages, all whole meal, whole grain recipes are getting popular, and many recipes are replaced with whole grain flours instead refined flours. Wheat parotta recipe is one of it, get more popular in recent days and considered healthy replacement for original parotta recipe.

Parotta is the most popular street food among south India, and you can find parotta stalls across the street at stone’s throw away distance. The soft layered, flaky and cripy texture of the parotta gain popularity among north India and across the globe.

Here I shared, a very easy homemade wheat parotta recipe made from scratch. Malabar parotta is a very renowned and popular bread in Kerala and Tamilnadu. This soft and flaky wheat parotta, also known as barotta or porotta, godumai parotta and paratha.

Wheat parotta recipe is roughly similar to the laccha paratha in northern India. But in parotta recipe, stretching, kneading, and smashing are different in making of wheat parotta. But, I assure that your time worth spent on wheat parotta, as the crunchy outside parotta layer, mushy and soft layer parotta inside. wheat parotta pairs well with vegetable gravy, vegetable subji, mutton gravy or chicken gravy as usually know as salna, but not less with vegetable kurma. Even with this base of the parotta recipe, you can try on kothu parotta and chilli parotta.

There are so many methods in making of parotta, beating and spreading, throwing the dough in air to make it thin, but it’s all expert level of parotta making, respect them but it doesn’t work for me. This homemade wheat parotta recipe is simple and the wheat parota turns out flaky and soft. In this video recipe, we shared two methods of parotta making, just follow the video recipe of making wheat parotta and make the awesome parotta at home.

Let us see, how to make parotta at home,

Wheat laccha paratha


Wheat 1 1/2 Cup
Ghee (As needed)
Oil or ghee (To toast)

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