Toby Keith Eat Your Heart Out Sandwich (A New Sandwich Recipe)

If you are a Toby Keith fan you probably know there is a chain of restaurants named after his hit single, “I love this Bar.” If you are out in Las Vegas you will find he has one in Harrah’s Casino. One of the items on his menu is considered by most who visit to be a novelty item. Toby swears it is the best selling item on the menu. What is it? His fried bologna sandwich.

Well Mr. Toby Keith we are right here and now going all in with our New Bologna Sandwich. We invite you to pick this recipe and serve it to all your fans. We think it takes your sandwich (which, by the way, is delicious) to a new level and will cause your devotees to come clambering back for seconds. Here it is for the first time anywhere:


2 Slices of loaf bread (wheat or plain)

1 thick slice of bologna (fresh)

1 thick slice of American cheese

3 slices of “hypocrite” bacon (You know the kind that is already pre-cooked, just needs heating) Oh, a man’s kitchen friend is pre-cooked stuff needing heat) Yes, you can fry your own bacon slices.

Mustard (Please do not defame this sandwich with catsup, unless you just have to)


Now it’s time to make our sandwich. I started to say, Let’s man-up our sandwich because women seem to get a little squirrelly when you mention “bologna.” Girls, come on, a slice of bologna is a wonderful snack all by itself. Try it, you will like it.

1. Butter the bread on both slices and slap that cheese on the inside of one piece of the bread and toast or grill. (if you are toasting the bread let it turn light brown, oozing with lots of butter) Now you are ready for the bacon and bologna. Oh Yeah!

2. Place that thick slice of bologna in your microwave and cook for 30 seconds.

(You will love the snapping and popping of the bologna as it takes the heat)

3. Heat the precooked bacon for 20 seconds ( a little more, or a little less).

4. Take the bacon and the bologna and slip them inside the two slices of grilled cheese bread.

5. Squirt a little mustard on the bead opposite the cheese side (mustard to your taste)

6. Put the two sides together and you have a delicious new bologna/bacon & grilled cheese sandwich. I call it The Toby Keith Eat Your Heart Out Sandwich.

If you get cracking and organized you can whip up one of these new sandwiches in less than 10 minutes. But why hurry, you will be having so much fun? Invite your friends over and serve this as your specialty of the evening.

Serve with potato chips, sweet pickles on the side ( you can substitute the other), three strips of fresh, crisp, celery and your favorite soft drink, orange juice, water or your adult beverage of choice.

Perhaps the super star, Toby Keith will take a look at this sandwich and add it to his menus, but even if he doesn’t, you should add it to yours. It is super delicious and one that is surprisingly satisfying and filling. Enjoy.