The Importance of Global Management

The dawn of the Internet has triggered companies around the world to open their doors and reach out to customers around the world. In order to run an international company so much more efficiently and economically, the term global management was created that not only emphasized in protecting the well being of the company, but also function as quality assurance to its customers around the globe.

Global management applies to companies that have employees ranging from technicians to executives and managers who are situated overseas and are armed with the understanding of how businesses run in foreign shores. This is particularly important when one company is attempting to form a new customer base in a foreign country as different locations will have different cultures and beliefs that will also affect their lifestyle and ultimately, the way they run their business.

As if people weren’t challenging enough to handle, foreign managers will also have to deal with procuring the right permits to operate overseas. Upon being legally allowed to set up their business, said company will then have to ensure that their product and services comply to the foreign country’s laws as well. Even the act of placing a company employee overseas should comply with the foreign country’s labor law as countries with high unemployment rates would most certainly discourage even more foreigners from joining their already flailing workforce.

Once your employee has been successfully installed in said foreign country, he or she is then subjected to the labor laws of that country, of which your human resources should be aware of. The employee should also be briefed on the business culture and social customs of the country as well as some working cultures expect the staff to be on-call twenty four hours a day whereas others may be unintentionally offended by the way your international company is running its business.