The Franke Fireclay Sink Advantages – The Top 5 Reasons Why It’s Worth the Buy

Franke fireclay sink products are not cheap because that’s not how they’re also made. These products went through meticulous and high-tech manufacturing processes that used only the best and latest materials to ensure that high quality is delivered to their customers, like you. You can always find other cheap units, but it’s pretty hard to find the same value that you’ll get from a Franke fireclay sink.

Investing on a Franke fireclay sink is like putting in money to a product that has been the result of a long-standing quest for better raw materials and manufacturing technology. The natural thing that you’ll get from all of that is a product that’s been guaranteed by Franke Kitchen Systems to last through its lifetime. Each of these sinks was made under a 2, 200 degrees of extreme firing temperature, which gives way to a tough and high-gloss exterior surface.

Fireclay sinks from Franke have outer shells that are resistant to virtually all types of chemical abuse, scratches, or chipping caused by impact surface blows. With proper care and usage, these sinks retain their luster and prevent discoloration even under heavy use. These fireclay sinks exude an attractive, clean, and crisp appearance that’ll fit into any kitchen themes, from a country-style to a classic kitchen.

The good thing about this brand is that they offer a lot of options for kitchen sinks to fit a wide range of preferences and budgets. You can choose a linen or matte black fireclay apron sink or maybe a white undermounted fireclay sink. Depending on the kinds of activities you typically do, you could install sinks with single or double basins. Or if your space is limited, you could make use of small fireclay bowl sinks or fireclay prep bowls.

A Franke fireclay sink can be use in a variety of purposes. This would look perfect with an antique or country-looking bathroom vanity fixture, especially for a countertop without a sink inset. You could also use this on your wet bar for entertaining guests or for preparing your special home cooked meals. A fireclay apron sink can even double as your alternative laundry washing station.

After all the food preparation and dishwashing duties, all you really want is a sink that’s real easy to maintain and clean. Franke Kitchen System’s patented Ceramic Plus finish will do just that. It prevents formation of dirt on the exterior surface, and it is also responsible for the strong covering and shiny appearance of these products. To make these looking brand new all the time, make sure to wash and rinse them regularly with mild cleaning solutions and warm water. Wipe it dry. You can also use a multi-purpose wax cleaner to keep the luster intact.

The price is undoubtedly an important consideration, but it shouldn’t overshadow the importance of high quality products. A Franke fireclay sink could offer both if you choose carefully, hire a professional contractor, and observe proper care and use.