The Best Hamburger in the World

How to prepare the best burgers in the world seems to be something a lot of people are looking for. Do you know what the secret is for making the best hamburger that you’ll ever taste in your life? It’s really simple. You need to buy only the cheapest brand of hamburger that your grocery store or supermarket has for sale. The flavor is in the fat. Sure the more expensive ground beef may be healthier for you but it will never have the flavor that’s in the cheaper beef.

One other mistake a lot of people make is that they over work their meat. You need to add the seasonings to your beef and then make sure they are well worked in and make out your patties. Their really is no reason to overwork the meat. If you do you’ll end up with tough burgers.

When you have your seasonings added to the beef wet your hands well with cold water before you work your hands into the meat and roll out the patties of meat. By wetting your hands the meat won’t stick to your hands and the meat will be easier to work with.

Now you may ask what seasonings should I add to my meat. Well I’m going to tell you. For each pound of ground beef you will want to add.

1. One Teaspoon Seasoned Salt.

2. One Teaspoon Worcestershire Sauce.

3. Two Tablespoons Fine Diced Sweet Onion.

4. One Tablespoon Minced Garlic.

5. One Teaspoon Ground Black Pepper.

You will want to run your onion and your garlic through a food processor to get it very fine. You want it to be as fine as possible.

For each pound of beef your going to need add the above ingredients to each pound of beef. Once you taste your cooked burgers you’ll wonder why you never did this before.

When you get ready to cook your burgers your grill needs to be hot. You need to prepare your grill ahead of time making sure that the grill is very clean and the grill grates where your going to lay your meat needs to be sprayed down with a good quality vegetable cooking spray.

Let me tell you another secret here. When you start to put each pattie of beef on the grill make an indention or small dimple in the center of each pattie. This will insure that each pattie cooks evenly and will help the burger to stay together.

Another thing I would like to share with you is to always butter and toast or grill your buns. And always buy the better quality buns to put your burgers on. Potato hamburger rolls are the best if they are available in your area.

Finally you should keep your lettuce, tomato, and onion cold until your ready to put your burgers together. By doing so you will always have a better tasting burger.