Rajasthan Granite – One of the Most Beautiful Natural Stones

When it comes to Indian granites and natural stones, Rajasthan tops the list. The state is the largest producer of natural stones in the country. Rajasthan are famous all across the world, due to their exceptional beauty and quality. In this article, we will discuss, what makes Rajasthan Granites popular.

Rajasthan homes Jalore, the major natural stone market in India while Pali and Shahpur region of the state are famous for world-class stone factories. Rajasthan granites are available in various colors and patterns but commonly they are distinguished in two main categories, first is static pattern granites while another is wavy pattern granites. However wavy marbles are mostly found in south India but Rajasthan based stone companies widely deals in it.

Availability of both types of granite stones makes Rajasthan a hot favorite among European as well as American natural stone buyers. Wavy granites are famous among European buyers but American buyers generally opt for static patterned granites.

Crystal Yellow, Merry Gold and New Imperial Red are some famous names of static patterned granites, which are widely known as north Indian stones whereas wavy granites are available in bit different colors, including Bash Paradise, Colombo Juprana, Classic Paradiso, Giblee, Golden Brown Golden Oak etc.

This stones are commonly available in crystal form, which are extracted from natural igneous rock. These igneous rocks are of very hard nature, which makes granite a harder rock and resistant to temperature.

Since, granites are resistant to heat and water, tiles, slabs and countertops are extensively used for flooring and kitchen purposes. These are not only durable but also attractive; hence, preference for granite materials (slabs/countertops/tiles) is increasing day by day. Tiles made of some colors of granite are also cheaper than the marble, travertine and limestone tiles. This quality has also boosted the trade of this stone.

Available in an assorted range and aesthetic colors, granite tiles are suitable not only for household projects but also for commercial building floorings. If you too want to enhance look of your office or home, Rajasthan natural stone are great option for you – an attractive choice in an economical rate.