Easy Vegan Banana Bread Recipe

One of the kings of easy-to-make breads, banana bread is always a welcome treat into any vegans vegans diet. Most banana breads (especially store bought ones), contain dairy and/or eggs, but this recipe forgoes both, and still manages to come out of the oven smelling delicious. Prep Time: 10 minutes approx. Cook Time: 1 hour. […]

Foods to Avoid With Hypothyroid Problems

Hypothyroidism is the condition or state when your thyroid gland does not produce some of the essential thyroid hormones, specifically triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4). The condition is also known as the underactive thyroid problem. The primary task of thyroid hormones is to “run the body’s metabolism”. As a result, the people with hypothyroid problems […]

Aphrodisiac Recipes to Inspire Intimate Desires

To incorporate the essence of intimate passions into cooking, individuals with such desires should impart aphrodisiac recipes into meal preparation. Exploration, in the medium of research, can conjure up a host of aphrodisiac recipes suitable for any meal, any day or any occasion. Enterprising enthusiasts of the aphrodisiac prophecies should slant their respective shopping skills […]

Chicken Recipe for Baked Ziti

It’s not necessary to have a party or celebration to cook something special for your family. Though everyone is really busy these days, it is worth having something that you will enjoy eating. For instance, Italian food: I picture a scrumptious cheesy, creamy meal that will leave a lingering smile on the faces of many. […]