Eggless Chocolate Cupcake Recipe in Tamil | Thank you 4M subscribers | Alandra's Cupcake Recipe

In this video we will see how to make eggless cupcake recipe in tamil. These eggless chocolate cupcakes can be made either in the oven or in a pressure cooker. This is a simple but foolproof recipe and I will be assisting Alandra with this recipe. #EgglessCupcake #CupcakeInTamil #ChocolateCupcake Friends, please do try this cupcake […]

Vegetable Pulao Recipe | वेज पुलाव | Simple Veg Pulao Recipe | Easy Veg Pulav Recipe | Kunal Kapur

How to make Simple Vegetable Pulao Perfectly. Veg pulav is a delicious recipe of rice and your choice of seasonal vegetables. Vegetable pulao can be made at home in no time using basmati rice. You can serve it with Indian Curries and Raita. So what are you cooking today? Vegetable Pulao (Veg Pulao) | How […]