The Kindness Cookies

[ad_1] My wife and I love to eat out at a certain hamburger place that lets you “dress” your own hamburger. How can you complain when everything but the meat and bun are put there by you? I was busy making the rounds between the lettuce, pickles and mayo when I saw a youngster, about […]

2 Easy Recipes for Jalapeno Havarti Cheese

[ad_1] Havarti is a semi-soft cheese that has a mild yet slighty nutty taste. This cheese, originally made in Denmark, is a common addition to cheese platters, sandwiches, fondues and sauces. It’s also available in a variety of styles as flavors like dill, caraway and even jalapeno. The jalapeno variety of havarti has just enough […]

Chicken Consomme Brunoise Recipe

[ad_1] A consomme is made by adding a mixture of ground meats or mouselin with Mirepoix, tomatoes, and egg whites into either bouillon or stock. This is then slowly brought to a simmer, and carefully kept there until the desired product is reached. The act of simmering brings impurities to the surface of the liquid, […]

Phyllo Demystified

The first line in the recipe for that old German delicacy, “Hasenpfeffer”, reads: “Catch a Rabbit.” The first line in recipes that incorporate Phyllo reads: “Thaw the Phyllo Dough”. In truth, Phyllo dough, consisting of incredibly thin sheets of dough, are typically kept frozen. Because Phyllo (or “fillo”) is so thin, it dries out extremely […]