Open Plan Kitchens

Kitchen design has undergone a radical transformation in recent years. No longer created solely for the preparation and serving of food, kitchens have been opened and merged with other rooms, particularly the living space.

Typically, one vast space now incorporates the kitchen, the meals area and an informal living space, with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking a deck and back garden.

Open plan kitchens are preferred by designers and homeowners alike for lots of reasons including that they are spacious, are often bathed in natural light and the person cooking is not shut away and socially isolated in a separate room as in days of old.

Families particularly love open plan because it means the person cooking can monitor children who are doing homework or watching television in the living space or keep an eye on backyard activities.

Another advantage is that, when entertaining, the cook can continue to prepare food while chatting with guests.

A large bench, often designed as an island, is usually the centrepiece of the kitchen space. This bench is being used for a range of activities from preparing meals to eating breakfast. Practically, it usually offers storage in the form of soft close full extension drawers suitably divided internally the items being stored.

Wine fridges and study alcoves are also making an appearance more frequently.

Kitchens have now taken centre stage as the most important room in the house. No longer tucked away and only used for cooking, they have become the true heart of the home, beating around the clock to the pulse of family life.

While the best kitchens are first and foremost practical with good storage, lighting and bench space they also design canvases for their owner’s imagination. No matter if their style is rustic, minimalist or anything in between, standout kitchens have a point of difference, however slight. Designer know-how will help you to achieve the perfect kitchen.

Design themes are largely dependent on the homes style, space available, and the taste and vision of the homeowner. Some people might have their hearts set on a country theme and using timber benches and wrought iron accessories. The size of a small luxury townhouse might dictate a more integrated minimalist look, with appliances carefully hidden to give a more spacious feel. The key to creating an ideal kitchen, is to ensure that the room is relaxing and comfortable and a space that suits the needs and lifestyle of its owners.