Low Calorie Foods – An Overview

If you are fat then it is clear that your body burns less calories than your body is consuming. However, Many people are not aware that what a calorie is.

A calorie is a unit to measure energy. It is known as an amount of heat required to raise one degree temperature of one kilogram water. The important part is that your body require certain energy level according to your day to day activities and that energy level requires certain calorie in your food. If your food has more calories than you need then that extra calories go into your safe that is called fat.

So, you should have food with required amount of calories as per the requirement of your day to day activities, like a sports involved person will need much more calorie in his or her food than a software professional.

Some specific Low calorie foods are:

Red Peppers,






Boiled potatoes,

Brussels sprouts,

Water cress,

Famous fruits with low Calories are:




Currants apricot

Some Non-Veg low calorie foods are:

Low fat Cheese,

Egg’s whites,


Canadian bacon,

Ground turkey,

Lower fat hot dogs,

Low calorie drinks:

Soft drinks with low calories,

Coffee & tea with no sugar


Water doesn’t contain any calories at all. One personal experience is that you can use warm water with lime, this alone can reduce your weight up to 10 to 20 percent in few weeks.

I hope this article will give some awareness about low calorie foods and bit about calorie.

Wishing You success.