How to Find the Best Wall Clock For Your Kitchen?

Clock wall is a must in the kitchen. There is a huge number of wall clocks’ design in market. Most of the time we found that choosing a clock to suit your kitchen is not easy. When we can’t make decision on selecting the wall clock, we’ll simply choose one of them and eventually it’s not suitable to your kitchen. This is happened because we do not think or plan deeply on buying the clock. Basically, in order to choose the best clock in your kitchen, just follow some guidelines below and you’ll have the best choice.

At first, to know what clock style which match with your kitchen, you need to understand and identify your kitchen’s style. There are 4 main kitchen styles which are Formal Traditional, Country Casual, Modern Contemporary and also Eclectic. Go with the clock style which equivalent to your kitchen style. Don’t ever try to contrast it as most of time it will not look nice. If it’s decided, actually you already step ahead towards your desired wall clock.

Color makes everything in the world looks attractive. The general color of your kitchen is the second consideration on selecting wall clock. This includes all the furnishings’ colors too. You may need to know whether your kitchen is in dark, medium or light. Then, you can either get a clock which mix into your wall’s color or contrast with it. It’s all depend on you but be sure to match your kitchen style first.

Now come to the character and size. You can have a very conceivable shape but the size of the wall clock will play the role more important. It depends on the hanging location.

If the size of clock is too large, it will become very weird and just like a bomb on the wall. However, if it’s too small, it will not present its character. The medium ratio between wall clock size and wall area will be good enough.

There might be some of us always question what are the available material for wall clock. Basically there are quite a lot of them such as Light Wood, Wrought Iron, Brass, Dark Wood, Plastic and others. These are the general material that is simple and easy to find in market. If you would like to go for special materials, here are some suggestions: Neon, Resin, Rattan and others. The material will link with your kitchen style too.

After you go through all these ideas, kindly write down what is your desired wall clock which suitable to your kitchen by following the guidelines above. You will get it matches your kitchen at the end definitely based on the suggestions and ideas. Eventually, the perfect wall clock will be presented brilliantly in your kitchen.