Green Pea Soup With Asparagus

It is not difficult to prepare a soups, it just needs time and patience to prepare it. Fresh ingredients are the key factor to make a delicious and healthy soup. At the same time, we can also add vegetables, meats, spices and herbs into a soup, in order to make the soups more flavorful and tasteful.

Green pea soup with asparagus is one of the healthy and tasty soups that worth to prepare for whole family. First of all, green peas are known for its high-rich nutrients, it contains high amount of 8 vitamins, 7 minerals, fiber and protein. Its supercharged nutritional properties helps to boost up the energy. Green pea is an important food in our diet especially to supplement for fatigue and sluggish. While asparagus is another vegetable that often used in culinary as it is low in calories and contains extremely low fat or cholesterol. However, only young shoots of asparagus are eaten and bottom part of asparagus normally removed because it contains dirt and sand. Asparagus taste nice as well when it is stirred fry with chilies especially for those who fancy on spicy food. For those who have gout, he or she is advised not to consume too much asparagus.

Here is the Green Pea Soup with Asparagus recipe:


o 100g Green pea

o 50g Asparagus

o 500ml Soup

o 200ml Cream

o 500ml Water

o Salt according to personal desire

o 1/8 teaspoon Pepper


1) Wash the green pea and asparagus thoroughly, you may soak in water for few minutes.

2) Cook the green pea and asparagus in 500ml hot water for about 10 minutes. Throw away 450ml water and remain the rest of the soup.

3) Keep some of complete asparagus for decoration, the remaining put into blender and blend until become paste.

4) Boil the soup till boiling, put in the green peas and asparagus paste, combined well.

5) Continue to put in salt and pepper.

6) Mix cream into the soup, combined well and turn off the flame.

7) Decorate the soup by using asparagus reserved earlier.

8) Ready to be served during hot.