Five Ways to Make the Juiciest Hamburgers

Below are five tips to help you grill some delicious burgers:

First, when you grill hamburgers, make sure to sear both sides of the patties on high heat. Then move the burgers to the top rack or to an area of the grill that does not have flames or coals underneath (the cooler zone) to complete cooking to the level that you like. Searing the meat helps keep the juices inside.

You can also add finely minced or grated onion to the meat before grilling. The onions will release their juices as you grill and add flavor at the same time. You can also try other types of minced or grated vegetables or even fruit for added moisture with a very different flavor. Consider apple sauce or crushed pineapple.

Make sure to use a digital instant read meat thermometer to cook the burgers to the desired temperature (around 140 degrees) but no more. This will prevent the burger from losing extra moisture from being cooked too long.

Don’t push the burger down with your spatula as it is grilled. This just pushes all the juices out. Instead, poke a hole in the middle of the burger. This makes the burgers thicker in on the outside than in the middle and you won’t be tempted to mash them down as you grill.

Finally, you can mix 1/2 tsp of salt into 2 tbsp water for each pound of meat. Add pepper, according to your taste. Mix the seasoned water with the meat. Seasoned sausage is made in a similar way. The liquid helps distribute the seasonings while giving the meat extra moisture. Next crush up two ice cubes and gently work the crushed iced cubes into the meat. Make 1/4 lb patties and grill.