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Mourne Park House

The Four Winds of Heaven The first time I visited Mourne Park, some 15 years ago, Julie Ann Anley took me on a whistlestop tour. “It’s great!” she laughed. “No one ever bothers us here because the house isn’t architecturally important.” This was no tourist attraction like Belvoir Castle. The country house as time capsule […]

What Is Dimethocaine and Where to Find It?

Dimethocaine is a compound that is used in research facilities throughout the country. This product is a local anaesthetic, containing cocaine and promoting euphoria. Over the years it has been used legally to increase energy, this stimulant is often used in various research products by chemistry students and educational facilities. It is also used in […]

Accommodation in Windhoek: A Myriad of Choices

Accommodation in Windhoek reflects the essence of Namibia as the country has quite a variety of tantalizing treasures to offer its visitors. From forlorn deserts to the rich-in-wildlife northern areas, it offers wondrous abundance in one complete package. The same abundance can be found in the number and quality of accommodation options found in the […]