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Interior Decorating Themes

There are a variety of decorating themes from formal to informal and everything in between. Which one best describes your decorating style? Formal Traditional Furnishings and designs from the Renaissance, Baroque, Early and Late Georgian, Federal, Greek Revival and Victorian eras. This style is shown with fine furnishings, elegant, refined and exquisite wall coverings, elaborate […]

Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets that hold and store pots, pans and other kitchen equipment have been the mainstay of any kitchen, throughout the ages. However, with new developments, kitchens and kitchen cabinets have also evolved to cater to the new age woman. Modern kitchens, as a rule, allow much more storage than the kitchens of the past. […]

History of Romertopf and Reco Clay Pots

Romertopf was established by Bay Keramik in 1966 and first shown to the world during the Hanover World’s Fair in 1967. Over the next year Romertopf clay pots and bakers were shown throughout the German country at various fairs and conventions with much success. Reco, a north American company, was given full rights to distribute […]

Jobs For People Who Love Baking!

There are people who do not like to cook, much less bake, so in this economy, those who do have a flair for baking ask themselves: Where do I find a job for people who love baking? The opportunities are literally bubbling up for your consideration! For the love of baking people have gone to […]

Modular Kitchens: The Best You Can Ever Get

The modernized kitchen will be based upon a couple design standards. The essential design components of modernized kitchen ideas will be contained uncluttered space, modern art apparatuses, heaps of light, clean lines and contrast and striking colors, advised by modular kitchen designers. Here’s a look at each one of these kitchen design standards in detail. […]

Types Of Baker’s Racks

There are several general types of bakers racks: The Oak Bakers Rack- Wood top bakers racks, usually using Oak provides a very traditional design and makes a handsome piece of furniture. It is not designed to be used as a true bakers rack, meaning to cool items on it. Usually the Oak Bakers racks are […]