Beyblade 101: Popular Kids Gift Explained

The plot behind the Beyblade series focuses on the Bladebreakers, who are determined to win the Beyblading World Championships. A young guy named Tyson enters into the national tournament, hoping to become the best competitor in the country. With the other top performers of the tournament, a team is formed. The rest of the series chronicles their adventures around the world as they battle teams in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Along the way, they continue to fight against evil entities who want to use Beyblading for evil purposes. In the second season, the team faces against an evil lord who wants to take over Beyblading for his own purposes.

One of the most popular gifts from the Beyblade series are its video games. Over ten different titles, spanning multiple different consoles, have been released. Three titles for the Game Boy Advance and the Game Boy Color, were only released in Japan; however, these games can be located for purchase through online retailers. In general, the games have been critically panned; however, this has not prevented that game titles from selling well. Due to the cult following that the series developed, new game titles are expected to be released in 2010 and 2011. Other gift ideas from these series can include:

§ Beyblade Metal Fusion Super Vortex Battle Set – From dynamic attacks to evasive maneuvers, this game allows a player to practice all of their best moves. From the official rule book to the exclusive Beyblade metal fusion tops, everything needed for a serious showdown is included.

§ Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Gear – Launch Grip – This device allows the user to attach their ripcord launcher and to launch their Beyblade tops with more power. It includes a built in assembly tool and additional storage for Performance Tips and Spin Tracks.

§ Beyblade Metal Fusion Battle Gear – String Launcher – This fast loading and fast launching tool ensures that the user will be ready for some serious action wherever they go. When it is attached to a Metal Fusion Top, it provides tons of extra power.

§ Beyblade Metal Fusion Reaction Chamber – The assembly chamber tool allows a player to build and store up to different tops. The ability to stack, twist, and let rip at will can affect the player’s ability to win. Currently, this item can only be shipped in the United States; however, it is an essential part of a Beyblade arsenal.