Acid Reflux Recipes

When acid reflux becomes a regular part of life, the sufferer is commonly advised to change his or her diet. Try to avoid citrus, Try to avoid acids. See if changes make it better. So you try. You experiment. And all the time, you’re wishing there were acid reflux cure recipes.

You finally go looking for such, and you find that there are cookbooks that focus on eating to avoid acid reflux. The trouble is that neither you nor your doctor can say for sure that your current diet is the problem. You hate to put out money for an acid reflux cookbook only to learn that your acid reflux stems from another cause. You’d like to find someone that inserts one little word in the phrase acid reflux cure recipes.

Acid reflux FREE cure recipes!

If you could just find acid reflux free cure recipes, you would try them. If it turned out that they did help, you wouldn’t mind investing in one or two good acid reflux recipe cookbooks.

The author can’t take space here to give you a collection of acid reflux free cure recipes, but let me contribute to your search.

Acid Reflux Free Cure Recipes

Acid reflux free cure recipes have three things in common.

1. They eliminate or reduce portions of those foods that are typically difficult to digest.

2. They include or increase portions of those foods that are known to aid in digestion.

3. They are FREE!

Orange juice, for example, is acidic. Many people claim that it increases acid reflux. So replace breakfast orange juice with a ripe banana, which is easy to digest. Or opt for an apple.

Brownies and donuts are considered foods to be avoided by acid reflux sufferers. They tend to sit, undigested, in the stomach. Choose an easily digested dessert such as a fat free cookie or jelly beans.

Acid Reflux Recipe Ideas

Here are a handful of ideas for acid reflux recipes.

1. Waldorf salad, made with ripe, healthy apples, nuts, and raisins, is a good acid reflux cure recipe. Use any traditional Waldorf salad recipe, but substitute low-fat mayonnaise and sour cream. You will have a great-tasting salad that contains no recognized acid reflux trigger foods.

2. Beef stew is another great acid reflux cure recipe. Use any beef stew recipe you like, omitting the onions. Cut the fat from the beef. If the stew seems to trigger acid reflux, eat a smaller portion next time.

3. Gingerbread is a marvelous dessert for acid reflux sufferers. Find a recipe that uses canned pumpkin and wheat germ. Make it with unsweetened applesauce and low-fat buttermilk. Then resist the temptation to mound whipped cream on top of it! Try a low-fat imitation whip instead.

4. Roast turkey breast is a good main course. Cranberries should be fine with it. Serve the potato baked instead of mashed.

5. Lowly meatloaf is thought to have no specific acid reflux triggers.

6. Spaghetti may cause acid reflux in some. You can reduce the possibilities by beginning with acid-free tomato sauce. Omit garlic and onion from your sauce, and try using more basil and less oregano. There are a number of Italian spices that are great in spaghetti sauce. Try fennel with basil.

7. Cheesecake, too, can be an acid reflux cure recipe. Make it with reduced fat or no-fat cheeses. Use egg whites and/or egg substitute.

While trying your acid reflux free cure recipes, learn what the actual cause of acid reflux is. You may be surprised to know that it is a muscular problem. There may be things you can do other than alter your diet.

CAUTION: The information presented here is for educational purposes only. If you have ongoing acid reflux problems, please see your physician for advice.