3 Humor Anecdotes to Make You Smile

Humor in our life keeps our energy flowing. We are able to cover a lot of tasks in good mood and spirits. So here in this article I give you three humor anecdotes so that you make your day, feel happy and spirited.

Here they go:

1) My sister had gone to her home country for a vacation with her family leaving her then single sister-in-law and myself in her home during the winter holidays. One evening as I descended downstairs towards the kitchen, I passed the living room where the sister-in-law was talking on phone aloud and boldly, without noticing me, “She is so tan. She is so fat.” I wondered who she was talking about. As I put the empty glass back on to the kitchen sink, she became alert and paused. Then she continued, “She is doing PhD.” By the time I was back upstairs, I fully realized my sister’s sister-in-law was talking about me. My God! I said to myself. Can she be that mean? I laughed to myself and forgot about it. Then again when I went downstairs to have my supper, I found she had disappeared into her room quietly with lights switched off, skipping supper. Points earned, I said to myself.

2) Back in Dallas when I was in my sister’s home for a visit and having my lunch along with her, her family and my little sister (who had also come to visit), we were listening intently to a conversation between my sister and her husband. She was saying,” I will take my car to work. You take your car. But I want to stop by Wall Mart. I have ordered something and it is heavy. You will have to bring it back home.” Her hubby was amused and so were we. He asked curiously, “What is it?” My sister was very cautious not to blurt it out. So she said, “I will tell you on the way.” We all laughed. I don’t know if her hubby guessed it. But I assumed it was a baby cot as my sister was expecting her second child then.

3) When I was in Germany for higher studies, I had opened a bank account in the main branch in the city in let’s say, XYZ bank. I had a hard time back then moving around the city finding and recognizing places by trains. I was looking for the main branch to deposit some money one day but couldn’t locate it. But as the train passed on, I saw an XYZ bank branch somewhere near and got off the train and deposited the money in that branch in my account. It is funny and amusing to recall how I carried out errands in a foreign city all those years back but I made most of my stay there successfully all along.

Summing up, these three funny anecdotes flow to my memory as I am writing them as a draft on paper with ink. I will type it and submit it online. But that’s not the whole point. Each of these three anecdotes holds a deep meaning for me and although these carry humor, there are lessons in them to accept and learn.