Monthly Archives: February 2021

Soto Ayam (Saoto Soup)

Soto ayam is a chicken spicy-aromatic soup. This is the perfect soup for food lover’s looking for the true taste of Java and Suriname. This is more of a complete meal than just a soup as it is served with lots of extras Soto soup is usually served with white cooked rice. Ingredients: Look for […]

Tuna Noodle Casserole

There is nothing better than putting a bunch of ingredients in one dish and walking away from it to let it cook. That is way I love Crockpot meals and casseroles because they don’t need a lot of cooking to make them. I would like to share another quick casserole recipe using tuna. I love […]

Food and Drink Paradise – Vegan and Vegetarian Recipes Challenge!

“Vegan recipes have no meat!”, Marry said loudly. “Vegetarian recipes have no meat too!”, John said. “Vegan recipes are without eggs!”, Mary said. “I am a vegetarian and I eat eggs. We were told by our doctors to include eggs into our diet!”, Joan said. “Is Vegan food healthier than Vegetarian food?” Mary asked. “I […]