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Budget Friendly Rotisserie Chicken For the High Protein Weight Loss Surgery Diet

In the pinch of tough economic times a high protein diet can stretch the grocery budget beyond its limits. Yet for a weight loss surgery patient to successfully lose weight and maintain that weight loss they must consume good quality lean protein at every meal. Rotisserie chickens available ready-to-eat at most supermarkets provide a good […]

Chicken Noodle Soup

Cold weather brings on sickness especially if you have school age children. When fall approaches it is common that I will get a cold since school starts at the end of summer and goes into fall. My throat becomes irritated, and nose begins to run. Since it’s that time of year, you want to try […]

35 Kitchen Gadgets to Speed Up Your Cooking Routine || 5-Minute Recipes to Become a Chef!

TIMESTAMPS: 00:20 Quick way to chop tomatoes 01:30 Useful gadgets for your kitchen 02:30 Curious way to cut watermelon 03:58 Modern can opener 04:57 Pastry making ideas 06:04 Quick way to peel an apple 07:03 Easy dumpling making 08:58 Silicone dough bag 10:23 Gadgets to make your life easier Don’t forget to subscribe and click […]