10 Types of Job Interviewers

As you prepare for a job interview it is quite important to note that you will be facing an interviewer who will make a decision about your presentation. It is equally important to know that the interviewers also come in different sizes and shapes and that they are all different fro the other. Some of the general types of interviewer you might face include the following

The pedant

Interested in knowing your level or experience and technical knowledge. Will torment you with a stream of technical interview questions. The main aim is to get you to either to a state that you do not know or catch you out.

You better understand your technical know-how about the job you are being interviewed since it will be clumsy for you to be employed as an accountant yet you know nothing about contingent liability.

Most pedants are line managers or functional heads who have a vacancy that needs to be filled. They want to be certain that the positions get the best technical resource possible.

The Obnoxious type

This is the rude, interruptive type who will want to belittle you during a job interview. Sometimes the rudeness could be well calculated as a hostile interviewer to observe you reaction when under pressure. This kind rarely listens to your response to the end. Could be very irritating.

The Nice Guy

This is a charm interviewer who will even thank you for attending the interview in the first place. The nice guy will make you comfortable via a small talk with the hope that he/she will be able to know you better when you are calm and relaxed.

However sometimes this type of an interviewer could be placing you in a comfort trap and then pounce on you with a barrage of questions.

The Parent

This interviewer cuts across a parent figure to the interviewees. They will offer an encouraging smile, will nod in approval to a correct answer and will appear quite supportive. This may be done to achieve one of the following; either to help you put your best foot forward which is pretty nice or, to lull you into a feeling of security to the point of letting your guard down.

The Observer

Ever been to an interview and then noticed the interviewer who never uttered a single word throughout the session but just kept a gaze on you? This ”observer” type could be the company’s decision maker and are out just to observe how you respond to the interview questions throughout. They will finally recommend you to be employed or not. Be wary of them and treat them with respect.

The Disorganised

A very annoying type of interviewer of course. This will have papers strewn all over the table in the interview room, may not even have read your CV, can’t find your application, may not know your name or even more irritating, may know nothing about the job position being interviewed.

Most likely this type on interviewer could have been picked that morning and asked to interview you on behalf of someone else or could be a typical case of an overworked line manager who had even forgotten about the interview.

Just remember you are seeking the job and not him/her. Try to impress upon that you are the right talent.

The Know All

These interviewers believe that they are God’s gift to mankind and won’t hide that fact from you during the interview. Their sense of overconfidence and tremendous ego is very visible.

They come across as very effusive, aggressive, highly opinionated, domineering and bigoted.

Always believe they know exactly what is required of a candidate and that they have an unerring eye for picking the ”right candidate”.

They are bullies and will not settle for a job candidate who seems to be a threat to their confidence. They are always looking for ”boot lickers” in job searchers.

The Chauvinists/ Bigots

Trust my word; there are bigots out there in the world of interviews and job search. They believe women should be in the kitchen, or that a carpenter’s son should be in the woods.

They believe everything on earth is pre-destined and no one can change that. This one will out rightly show discrimination depending on the bias he/she hold about a job candidate.

Always learn to remain focussed and mature and respond to questions posed to you devoid of bias.

The Lost One

Could be the funniest of all. This kind will always appear in a panel interview. He/she will sit and just listen to what other interviewers have to say. Then from nowhere they will interject with a very irrelevant question to the silence of everyone else. Always remain focused in the face of such an interview tragedy.

The Insecure Interviewer

This is the sheepish type of interviewer possibly suffering from inferiority complex. They always have a feeling that there is an area beyond them that they should not be interviewing.

You will always notice their nervousness which could worsen your already tense situation. They rarely make eye contact, can’t keep still on the chair, fidget with pens and papers, divert to unrelated topics, have a structured list of interview questions beyond which they cannot ask anything else. They will also agree with nearly everything you say, ask you to repeat information you had already given and may only ask interview questions that need only a ”yes or no” response.

This type could be line managers who have risen through the ranks because of their technical competence while ignoring soft skills training.

How do you tackle this then

Remember you honoured the interview since you wanted to clinch the job and nothing else. Therefore;

  • Always give the interviewers enough information concerning self to prove that you are the best suited job candidate.
  • Always corporate and show that your team skills are pretty smart.
  • Learn to keep calm and patient even in the case where the questions are repetitive.
  • Remain diplomatic and tactful even when you feel irritated.