Foods That Balance the pH Level – Going From an Acidic to Alkaline Body

An imbalance in the pH level (acid-alkaline) of your body can affect your nervous system (depression), cardiovascular system (heart disease), muscles (fatigue) and skin (aging). If your body is too acidic, mineral reserves are depleted and your body uses what ever source it can take minerals from, a process which can cause health problems. Whereas, […]

Vegetarian Vegan Recipes – Easy & Healthy Standby Recipes For Your Vegan Kitchen

Have you ever heard the saying, “Keep it simple… stupid?” In this article you’ll learn a few simple and delicious vegan recipes to add to your standby recipe collection. Plus you’ll learn two beverage recipes to add to your daily routine for energized, healthy vegan living. Breakfast: Wake up with a glass of water with […]

The Miracles of Apple Cider Vinegar

Ever wonder what miracle cures lie in your home for various ailments? Next time you are in the grocery store, consider purchasing a bottle of apple cider vinegar. You may just be surprised of how versatile and beneficial this inexpensive vinegar is. Apple cider vinegar contains various vitamins and minerals, and has many health benefits. […]